Vintage Poster - Sunshine Blessings

Vintage Poster - Sunshine Blessings

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This artwork by Kerrie Gottliebsen features the McKay or Sunshine Presbyterian Church, Anderson Street, Sunshine. Complete with a wonderful palm tree, the Church is set on the grounds of the HV McKay Gardens, developed in 1909.

H.V McKay was an Australian industrialist who is known for heading the company that developed the Sunshine Harvester, arguably the first commercially viable combine harvester. 

Originally the Gardens included tennis courts and pavilion, a bandstand, a bowling green, a substantial house for the head gardener, a conservatory and associated works areas. Under inaugural curator Thompson (1909–27), and curators James Willan (1930–39) and Harold Gray (1939-50), the Gardens developed a reputation for its chrysanthemums and dahlias, attracting workers and their families, as well as other local residents

HV McKay lived in Sunshine, was founder of the Church and funded the education of local families also setting up the local school. Head Gardener Harold Gray was choir master of the Church. Plants grown in the Gardens were given to locals. ANZAC day commemorations were held there. During the 1918 flu epidemic church services were held there. The church continues to offer services today.

Available in A4 and A3 sizes.

ARTIST ©️Kerrie Gottliebsen