Each of our lamps is a one-of-a-kind piece.  Our bases are re-claimed & up-cycled using a mix of vintage, retro and new.  Each lamp has been tested and tagged by a certified appliance tester.

Our lampshades are handmade in store using a wide variety or fabrics from all over the world.   Prices for shades range from $59 (20cm wide) to $120 (60cm wide).  Prices for complete lamps (shades and bases) vary greatly depending on the base and the size of the shade.  All shades and bases in store are interchangeable - we're happy to swap things around to find the perfect lamp for you!

We also make custom shades to order, just ask in store.  We have a huge range of fabric to choose from or we can make a shade using your own.  We can also strip and re-cover some shades (depending on style)

If you have a base and need a shade, feel free to bring it in and we can work out exactly what shade size you need and which fabric works best for your base.

Our website lamp listings are only a small sample of what is available in store.  You can also visit our facebook page where we have a photo album dedicated to lamps - but the best way to see all of what's currently available is to pop in store (and ask us while you are in - sometimes there's more out the back!)