Vintage Poster - Spotswood – Two Birds at Night
Vintage Poster - Spotswood – Two Birds at Night

Vintage Poster - Spotswood – Two Birds at Night

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The Spotswood Two Birds at Night artwork celebrates the iconic Two Birds Brewing in Hall Street Spotswood.

Two Birds Brewing is a craft brewery started by Jayne Lewis and Danielle Allen, Australia’s first female founded brewery. “The Nest” at 136 Hall Street, Spotswood is where the brewery and Tasting Room is located. The Tasting Room opened in July 2014, and less than 3 years after Two Birds was first launched.

This partnership, business and enterprise has always meant a lot to me, much more than the delicious Taco beer I enjoy so much. I love that Jayne and Danielle have carved out a path and oiled the tracks for women and girls in an industry (one of many) that historically kept women out. I admire their entrepreneurship, and appreciate what they have taught others along the way.

More recently, Brewery Fermentum acquired Two Birds Brewing’s brewery, tap room and brands. Fermentum has a brewery at Spotswood, Melbourne where it will manufactures the Fixation Brewing Co products. Two Birds will join Stone & Wood Brewing Co, Fixation Brewing Co, Forest for the Trees, Granite Belt Cider Co, Sunrise Drinks and Square Keg in the Fermentum family of businesses.

Co-founder Danielle Allen, said that joining forces with another business helped with an injection of broader knowledge and experience, some much needed capital and a spark of energy.

The Two Birds Nest in Spotswood is located in the iconic, heritage listed Goetz buildings. W. G. Goetz, his family and the engineering business he founded, is one of Australia’s great manufacturing enterprises, W.G. Goetz & Sons. On 22nd June 1939 Goetz purchased the land at the corner of Hall and Burleigh Streets from RVB (part of CA 50, Lot 1 of 7 Parish of Cut Paw Paw) and began construction of their factory soon after; then in 1947, Goetz purchased more of the land from the then owners, the Department of Munitions (for whom Goetz operated a munitions production annexe during WWII), through the Commonwealth Disposals Commission.

Available in A4 and A3 sizes.

ARTIST ©️Kerrie Gottliebsen