Vintage Poster - Altona Pier

Vintage Poster - Altona Pier

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The Altona Pier artwork by Seaholme artist Kerrie Gottliebsen captures the wonderful pier which is not long for this world and will soon be replaced by a new $10 million angled pier. Altona Pier was built in 1888 and was originally 149 metres longer, extending nearly 400 metres into Altona Bay. Significant repair works were carried out in 1950s.

Its longer length was designed for its original purpose to transport potential land buyers by steamship and later to ferry people to and from the city.

Altona Pier is a focal point for Melbourne’s western suburbs and the main public pier between Werribee South and Port Melbourne.

The pier is popular with anglers, generations of kids who have enjoyed jumping into the Bay, romantic couples and the hundreds of people who in 2016 hit the pier in search of the rare digital Nintendo character known as ‘Snorlax’. I have a cute photo of my daughter catching her first fish on the pier. The view back to the shore’s Norfolk Pines is stunning.

Available in A4 and A3 sizes.

ARTIST ©️Kerrie Gottliebsen