Vintage Poster - St Albans Alice's Gate
Vintage Poster - St Albans Alice's Gate

Vintage Poster - St Albans Alice's Gate

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The St Albans Alice’s Gates artwork celebrates the Errington Reserve in St Albans. The area is home to the Bowery Theatre, St Albans Community Centre and Alice’s Playspace. The wonderful reserve, play space and community hub is accessible to those in wheelchairs and prams and was named after Alice Errington.

Hannah and George Errington came to Keilor in 1860 and bought their St Albans farm in 1868 – it was in Main Road East opposite the Tin Shed. They were some of the earliest pioneers in the district. When they died, they left their property to their son William Errington and his wife, Alice Hounslow.

In 1910 Alice donated the reserve in Main Road East to the people of St Albans and that’s why it is called Errington Reserve.

The bluestone and steel entrance gates featured in the artwork were built in 1937 as a memorial to the family’s generosity. Errington Reserve is now the place for many community activities and sporting clubs.

Available in A4 and A3 sizes.

ARTIST ©️Kerrie Gottliebsen