Tea Towel - Lemons
Tea Towel - Lemons

Tea Towel - Lemons

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Reminiscent of summer afternoons and refreshing a drink or meal with a hint of zest, this design is a perfect reminder of just how delicious lemons can be. This beautiful tea towel will not only assist you in the kitchen, but it also looks great! 

A perfect gift for friends, family, or for yourself, it can be used practically or as a display piece around the home.

Illustrated by Gemma Lodi at Milkbar Studio.

Dimensions: 72cm x 48cm.

Materials: Made locally in Melbourne by Organic Print Studio who are certified by Australian Certified Organic and printed on organic cotton using water-based inks that meet organic standards.

Care instructions: Machine washable. In order to prevent deterioration and fading, always avoid placing or hanging our tea towels in direct sunlight.