Enamel Lapel Pin - Phone, Wallet, Keys, Binoculars

Enamel Lapel Pin - Phone, Wallet, Keys, Binoculars

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As you leave the house you do your check - phone, wallet, keys. .?.

But as every birder knows there's a fourth item.......


One of the most important things in a bird watchers tool kit is a pair of binoculars. I've met many a fellow birdo who says they carry them everywhere with them, just in case!
They also become a wonderful talking point and ice breaker. Fellow bird watchers approach and start up conversations about our favourite subject - birds!
This pin can remind you of the four things you need when leaving the house, or indicate to others that you are a fellow bird nut! 

Designed from original Bridget Farmer sketches and made in fine quality hard enamel.