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Far Fetched Designs Hardcopy Gift Vouchers with Envelope

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Far Fetched Designs gift vouchers are now available in any amount you like.  

Gift voucher amount will be sent as one voucher for the total, unless we are advised otherwise.  We can also add notes and send direct to the lucky recipient! 

They also come in their very own OOAK handmade envelope - handmade right here at Far Fetched.

Would you prefer a digital voucher that can be emailed to you or your recipent?  We can do that too!  Please purchase a FAR FETCHED DESIGNS DIGITAL GIFT CARD and not this voucher.


We hand write our vouchers so they can be made to any denomination you require.  If we receive an order for a $50 voucher - we will create 1 x $50 voucher; so if you would like 2 x $25 vouchers - let us know in the notes section of the order (or email us at FarFetchedDesigns.popup@gmail.com).

This voucher is for use in store only.  For a voucher that can be used online and in store, please purchase a DIGITAL GIFT CARD instead.  (If you have a gift voucher and would like to be able to redeem it online, please contact us and we can issue a code to replace the hard copy voucher).

There is a "to" and "From" field on each voucher (even digital ones) so let us know what you'd like us to include there for you!