Meet the Maker - Teneil from Shades of Phoenix


Shades of Phoenix is an Australian, one-woman owned business, specialising in the creation of top-quality hand-blended nail polish and nail care related items.

Teneil launched her brand in January 2013, taking a pause in December 2016 for several years to focus on family, work, life, the universe and everything, Shades of Phoenix has now come back from a 7 year hiatus, and Teneil is eager to get into the swing of things, and be covered in glitter yet again!
As a small business where everything is made in house, Teneil blends small batches of nail polish base with all manner of pigments and glitters, to create unique little bottles of magic.

These Indie nail polish differs to mainstream brands of nail polish, as Indie polish makers have more creative freedom, and can follow colour and formula trends at a faster rate than the large manufactured brands. 

Find the Shades of Phoenix range here


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