Meet the Maker - Maggie & Cass from Pali


Maggie and Cass are a mother-daughter team based in Melbourne, Australia, distributing handcrafted baskets made by Burmese locals by weaving pallet straps of all colours and sizes. 

Pāli was born after visiting a remote village in Myanmar. In awe of the Burmese people and their traditional weaving methods that have been passed down through generations, the mother and daughter duo began working closely with their local guide and interpreter to enable them to interact and trade directly and ethically with the villagers to bring their craft to the world. 

Cass and Maggie work with around 600 skilled artisans across four villages, traditionally led by the female head of the village.  Supporting the locals handicrafts gives these families the opportunity to work in the comfort of their own homes where they can care for their families and tend to daily chores.

Development opportunities have been limited for rural Burmese villages due to economic restrictions. Trading directly and placing on-going orders translates to secure employment for the villagers and wider community. This, in turn, provides financial security and the ability to educate families and plan for the future.

Find the Pali Range Here


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