Meet the Maker - Hemika from By Hemika


By Hemika is a creative ambition of Melbourne based artist Hemika that strives to share the beauty of nature through her art.

Hemika is a colour addict and works with many different mediums to capture the essence and the feeling of all her subject details. Be it capturing pinpoints of light in the night sky, the deep blue shades of the sea or the waterfall; nature has a significant influence and inspiration behind Hemika's works.

Each piece construct of By Hemika has a quirky uniqueness about it and also has a story of its own. As they are all inspired by nature’s beauty!

On the weekends, Hemika can more often than not be found showcasing her work at handmade and design markets around Victoria and interstate.
She loves nothing more than chatting to people about turning their precious collection of flora and shells etc – and therefore their memories - into customised home decor ; especially when it comes to working with wedding gifts, gift items for homewares etc

“I'm amazed every day to be doing what I do now and I feel lucky that I can.”

Find the By Hemika Range Here


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