Ceramic Teapot - Mad Hatter

Ceramic Teapot - Mad Hatter

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This Australian designed Ceramic Teapot has been handmade for all of the tea lovers out there!

The handmade Mad Hatter Ceramic Teapot is the perfect tall pottery teapot, made to share with a group! The Mad Hatter Teapot is inspired by traditional Australian Billy Teapot.
Each teapot is  made of ceramic and must be handled with care. Thgey have been high-fired for added durability, however ceramic will crack if knocked or dropped.

Height 20cm, volume 720ml, weight 600g - 700g.
NOTE - specifications are approximate. Height includes Handle.   Glaze may vary in pattern slightly from that shown as each teapot is unique

Designed in Australia & handmade in Vietnam.