Face Masks

All our masks are triple layer fabric, handmade locally.

We offer contour masks, which are more fitted and a slimmer streamline fit.  These come in three sizes - kids (for 12 years or under), adult (standard womens & teen size, and small mens) and adult large (standard mens and large womens).

Alternatively we also have pleated masks - which are a looser fit and our adult size fits most adults.  It's a fabric version of the blue pleated disposable masks available.

If you are having trouble fitting your mask, you can adjust or replace the elastic.  Each of our masks comes with 25cm ear loop elastic on each side.  If your masks feels loose, you can add to the knot and make the elastic tighter.  Or if you are struggling with wearing the ear loops, you can replace the elastic with a piece that goes around the head..  if you don't have elastic, you can use t-shirt/stretch cotton fabric (cut into 1.5cm wide strips and pulled until it curls in on itself).  You will need an 80cm long piece to run through both sides and tie with a single knot.  This will go around the back of your head twice - above and below the ears.

For hygiene purposes, our masks are not returnable or exchangeable. 

They are not medical grade, so please still adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rules and take care.  Masks should be washed frequently and not shared.   You can wash your fabric masks in a cold or cool wash and hang to dry.  Do not tumble dry.