Meet the Maker - HenRike Clemens

Rike Clemens was born in Germany, studied architecture at Hanover and Melbourne Universities, worked as an architect in both countries and received training in technical drafting, capentry, life drawing and visual arts. She has been selling her work privately in Europe and Australia, had four solo exhibitions in Melbourne, various entries at the Linden Postcard Show, Footscray Art Show, MS Art Show, West-Side exhibition and won the Avant Card competition. She also has exhibited in local shops throughout Melbourne over the years. Rike always enjoys exploring different mediums in her art works and sharing them with family and friends.

Painting has been her companion since 1992 and after buying oil paints in Prague. The medium has become a teacher showing her the continuous journey of exploring depth and discovering new layers.

She has been inspired by repeated travels through the outback of South Australia and Northern Territory. Rike has been fascinated with landscapes so different to where she grew up; their history, colours, light, life forms and the sense of moving above the Great Artesian Basin. The notion of an inland sea was always a companion to Rike on the surface with physical reminders and below in imagination and above the wide open sky.

She has been trying to transfer this ‘inland sea’ perception onto living in an urban environment. Rike is interested in seeing how our environments shape our consciousness. How perceptions, emotions and imagination are influenced by place and space, knowledge, intuition and awareness. For her it’s been a great journey living in the West since 2002, having two children and exploring the community.

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