Meet the Maker - Ena K Vasudevan


First time author and Seddon local, Ena K Vasudevan has written a children's book: There's a Foxhole in my Bed.

Ena has illustrated the book herself, and presents the alphabet in a fun and imaginative way.  Cheeky foxes are digging a hole in the mattress! As it gets bigger and bigger, all manner of creatures enter through it. There's an aardvark, a bee, a camel and a dog. Animals from letter A to Z and all those in-between! Animal frenzy and animal fun. What happens when animals overrun your house?

Bedlam, of course. With rodent cricket matches, roller-skating rhinoceroses and rhyme, There's a Foxhole in My Bed is sure to get you laughing.

Find Ena's There's a Foxhole in My Bed Book Here

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